Concrete Block has gained popularity in recent years for a number of reasons. It demonstrates strong resistance to temperature changes, weather extremes, fire and sound, while offering practical and artistic flexibility to architects and contractors through a wide variety of sizes, shapes, colours and textures. For its overall practicality, structural properties, long-lasting appearance and low maintenance, its hard to beat concrete block for nearly any type of building or structure.

Much development has been concentrated on improving the appearance of "visual" concrete the type of concrete that is designed to be seen, rather than to be covered up. The shades of gray can be brightened by using white cement, silver sand and a near-white granite when making up the concrete. More importantly, the surface texture can be treated in interesting ways. Finishes can be varied by treating the surface directly or by applying different types of aggregate.

Glass Block is becoming evermore popular in recent years. J D Masonry has used this product in a number of their projects. A few of these projects include the YMCA in Guelph, Ontario and AccuFax in Milton, Ontario. This product is supplied by both Weck Glass Blocks and Pittsburgh Corning.

To view some of the many different colours and textures available from these suppliers, please feel free to click on either of the links below to be taken to their web site.

Weck Glass Blocks
Pittsburgh Corning Glass Blocks