To build with real clay bricks is to use one of the most beautiful and enduring materials known to mankind.  Clay brick can be dated back to ancient Egyptian times.  In colour, texture, strength and permanence, brick has no equal.  It is a rich, durable material that is extremely flexible in terms of the shapes and patterns that may be assembled as is the case with stone. The long-term integrity of it is dependent upon the skilled and knowledgeable application of the proper mortar to its joints.


The cost of real clay bricks is low to start with, but when you take into account their immense durability and the fact that they are maintenance free, they cost even less over time than any other building material.

In addition other cost advantages include excellent fire, noise and thermal resistance as well as ease of construction and plaster adhesion. All the intrinsic advantages of clay bricks are retained even when they are plastered.

Because clay bricks don't deteriorate, and never go out of fashion, clay brick houses are always in demand and achieve higher resale values.

Some of the brick suppliers that
J D Masonry uses for many of its projects include:  Brampton Brick, Canada Brick, Commonwealth Brick, IXL Brick (Calgary, Alberta), Shaw Brick (Nova Scotia), Thames Valley Brick & Tile (Burlington, Ontario). These suppliers are the largest suppliers of brick in Canada. They have earned a much respected industry reputation for quality and project consistency over the past decades.

To view some of the many different colours and textures available from some of these suppliers, please click on any of the links below to be taken to their web site.

Brampton Brick
Canada Brick
Shaw Brick
Thames Valley Brick & Tile