Few materials can match the blend of timelessness, beauty and durability offered by stone. This product is also available in a huge array of texture, styles and colours to choose from. Appropriate to nearly any application from exterior hardscape to architectural veneer, there is a stone application to compliment any environment. Stone is a permanent, attractive, unique and economical solution to costly construction problems.

J D Masonry uses a number of stone products from:

  • Arriscraft

  • Bradstone

  • Owen Sound Ledge Rock

  • Shouldice Designer Stone

This building unit is both High Pressure and Water Repellent and can be used on building envelopes or integrated into a design to accent the full wall structure.

The manufacturer's stone are available in lengths up to 24 inches with heights up to 16 inches in 4 inch widths. This selection of stone offers the most design versatility for all types of masonry projects. Shouldice Designer Stone currently offers three designer stone collections:  Tapestry, Tex-Stone and Rock-Stone. All three product lines are available in a wide range of designer colours including Mono-Tone, Twin-Tone and Tri-Tone colour blends.

For more information on any of the stone collections, please feel free to visit any of the manufacturer's web sites:

Owen Sound Ledge Rock
Shouldice Designer Stone